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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swansong visit for 'the best ship in the Royal Navy'

HMS Campbeltown enters her home port at Plymouth for the final time after more than 20 years of service, before she is decommissioned PICTURE: LUCY DUVAL
Well-wishers gathered to catch the last glimpse of a frigate described as "the best ship in the Royal Navy" as she arrived back at Plymouth for the final time before she withdraws from active service.
HMS Campbeltown has been on a swansong tour of the UK to say farewell before she is decommissioned as part of the Government's Strategic Defence and Security Review.
She has made final visits to several ports to say goodbye, including the shipyard she came from, before heading back to her home port at Devonport yesterday.
She was built on Merseyside at the Cammell Lairds yard in Birkenhead and launched on October 7, 1987.
As she returned to Plymouth, after more than 20 years of service, people gathered at the waterside to wave her home for the last time.
Pauline and Robert Mullally from Widewell, Plymouth, said they were "gutted" by the decision to withdraw her from active service.
They were standing on the jetty at the city's naval base to welcome home daughter, rating Kimberely Phillips.
The Type 22 frigate underwent a £24 million refit two years ago and was readying for deployment in counter-piracy operations in the Indian Ocean when it was revealed she was being decommissioned.
Commander Keri Harris said it had been an emotional day.
"She is the best warship in the Royal Navy, has a wonderful history and a great crew."

Wharf Rat says - 'this is what I call 'good' use of defense dollars in Britain.  Spend money to refit her, then decommission her.  This is the sad legacy of entitlement spending'

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