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Monday, November 14, 2011

Blue Angels close season with Pensacola show - Navy News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Navy Times

Blue Angels close season with Pensacola show - Navy News News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Navy Times

“That is so neat!” William Murrah yelled as he watched through binoculars as an A-10 and P-51 flew together in formation before the Blues took to the air.
Murrah, an eye surgeon, said he enjoyed watching the warbirds in the sky.
“I find the old planes thoroughly fascinating,” he said.
Those old war planes are flown by people such as Mike Burke, who considers himself an airplane fanatic.
“People can have their boats and stuff, but we have airplanes,” Burke, 62, of Galveston, Texas, said.
Burke, along with a handful of others, donned jumpsuits to fly old warplanes during the air show.
And it takes a true aeronaut-lover for the job.
Burke was joined by fellow enthusiast Ted Short, 80, a Korean War vet from Fort Worth, Texas.
“I never dreamt I’d be able to touch one or fly in one or just to be able to see one, so I jumped on the chance when I got the opportunity,” Short said. He flew a 1945 SB2C Helldiver twice during the air show.
“When I was a kid, I made models of all these airplanes,” Short said as he gestured toward the lineup of warbirds before they took off. “What’s nice about this is getting to teach people about what these planes are and what they did.”

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