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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today, a hero leaves us. A retired US Navy aviator - and Navy Blogger, one of the first. hero leaves us.  Lex put this blog on his blog as a link, one of the first to do so.  Lex, rest in peace, you served your country well.   A testament to a life well lived is the numerous accolades he is recieving.  His was a life well lived. Farewell naval aviator!  Your family is in my prayers.


I pulled this from Grandpa Bluewater at the USNI Blog:

Grandpa Bluewater Says:

In heaven the saints and the angels listen up to the word on the 1MC:
“Now muster the Honor Detail sideboys on the quarter deck with the Officer of the Deck”…
and at the quarterdeck Saint Michael informs Saint Peter he will take charge of sideboys, while St Barbara will act as BMOW. The side boys are at attention in place in full dress white: “Attention to Muster. Answer up when your name is called:
Paul Jones – ‘Aye’;
Preble – ‘Aye’;
Porter – ‘Aye’;
Farragut – ‘Aye’;
Dewey – ‘Aye’;
Sims – ‘Aye’;
Halsey – ‘Aye’;
OHare – ‘Aye’.”
Hand Salute. Eight bells are rung as the Bosun’s Pipe trills.
“Carroll LeFon, Captain, USN, Retired – Neptunus Lex, Arriving”.
Those not yet aboard wait, in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection, when the sea will give up its dead, until we meet at Fiddlers Green.
Deepest condolences to the Captain’s lady wife, daughters and son,
as well as us, every one. There, by God was a man.
Here’s to Lex, and us, and those like us, one fewer left. Drain the cup and smash it into the hearth.
Damn. Just…Damn. Just…Damn. No man knows, but this one hurts to the center of my heart.

  • Byron Says:

    You’re going to make me lose it completely, Grandpa. Well said.

  • SCOTTtheBADGER Says:

    Grandpa can always be counted on for the right words. Grandpa Bluewater is Badger Approved.

  • Andy (JADAA) Says:

    If I may, from another post I’ve made elsewhere, today:
    Since two of my squadron-mates went in back in ’94, over the years as I grew on from those days, I figured that was it. 26 guys I knew were gone, taken by the sweet mistress who has held us in her thrall, many of us since childhood. Yes, a few people I have known have perished since then in General Aviation, but that’s different, really. We are, actually, pretty few, and we count our fellows as friends of a different sort. And so when one of us leaves, it is noticed. It is one thing to fade, fade away. It is another to be taken by the mistress, to be here, and then gone. I thought she was done with leaving me to count only the past. So I thought. Number 27.
    Fate is the hunter.
    Lex, you are cleared for takeoff, fly heading 270, second star tot he right, straight on ’till morning. You are cleared to climb unlimited. Switch to departure, monitor Guard. G-dspeed.

  • Bryan Strawser Says:

    I’ve been pretty speechless since I found out. I was just in San Diego this week but knew Lex was out in Nevada so didn’t try to connect. Thought of him a lot the last two days as I was staying just across from North Island. Damn.
    Chap, a beautifully written tribute to our friend.

  • AW1 Tim Says:

    Live each day to the fullest, for no one is guaranteed tomorrow. Hold your loved ones close, and remember the happy times.

  • B2 Says:

    Beautiful words and fine tribute for one beautiful and heroic man, a man of many parts. He will be missed for what he wrote and how he lived his life. Warrior, father, husband and all around gentleman. Special.

  • Michelle Says:

    Thanks for the small smile.
    “We remembered that he was once XO of TOPGUN, and that it was one word and all caps.”
    Great comments above, sums Lex up well. Why does my stomach hurt so much? It’s hard to believe the power behind an internet connection. I always firmly believed that we WOULD meet some day; if I had made it LA once, then why not Sandy Eggo? My deepest condolences to Mary and his children. They have all lost so much. As has his country.

  • Wharf Rat Says:

    All – I’ve feel like I’ve gotten to know many of you over the years, and your tributes are moving.
    A life well lived. A hero is gone. A family hurting, but proud of the man Lex was. A life well lived……………

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